Here is what you can do.

Replace air filters every month.
Dirty filters restrict airflow causing equipment to run longer and harder.

Make sure windows and doors are sealed.
Unnecessary outdoor air or infiltration will increase indoor humidity, dirt and debris, and cause equipment to run longer and harder.

Raise the desired cooling temperature.
Raise desired temperature one degree per week until it feels to hot. Then lower the temperature one degree. This will help you and the home to acclimate to the climate change.

Lower the desired heating temperature.
Heating temperatures above 68 degrees will increase energy consumption.

What we can do.

Replace mechanical thermostats.
A more accurate and consistent digital thermostat will properly regulate indoor temperature.

Check systems refrigerant charge to insure optimal performance.
Improper refrigerant charge will cause the system to run longer and harder to heat or cool your home.

Verify cleanliness of indoor and outdoor coils.
Dirty indoor coils will reduced airflow and could damage the systems compressor causing premature wear and costly repairs. 

Inspect air distribution ducts for air leaks and proper flow.
We don't live in the attic or under the house so why pay to condition it. Extra long flex ducting and or restricted flow will decrease system performance.
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